We can have your product made and delivered before our competitors can get you a quote!


We understand the import­ance of time. Not only do we strive for 100% on-time delivery, we achieve it!


Our central location allows us to reach customers in the Tri-State area as well as the surrounding states.

Fleet footed...

  • Our company-owned fleet of trucks allows us full control of your product from the time it is made in our facility to the time it reaches your door. When time and quality are of the essence, leave it to Southern Carton to ease your mind.
    • 99.99% On-Time Delivery — Others make it their goal, we make it a reality!
    • Central Location for improved distribution
    • GPS Tracking for immediate delivery information
  • Our Run & Release program allows us to manage your inventory for you.
    • Warehouse items — release as needed.
    • Daily Shipments

Meet our delivery family!

  • Our shipping manager, Angie, has 20 years of experience with Southern Carton and is the best in the business of making sure that your product arrives
    • On-Time
    • In-Full
    • At a Level of quality that is second to none
  • As the last checkpoint before the product reaches your floor, our experienced team of uniformed drivers go out of their way to ensure that your product arrives safely and on-time.


handle with care

We make boxes to fit your product, not try to fit your product in our boxes.

handle with care

Your business is our business. We custom fit the packaging of your product to minimalize damage.


Our dynamic, lean process and Just-In-Time (JIT) methodologies ensures on time and in-full arrivals.

packaging manufacturing

Equipped to serve

While our people are our greatest asset, we believe in equipping them to produce the best packaging for you. Packaging ranging from something small enough to contain a coffee mug to something large enough to package a car.

  • 2 Flexo Folder Gluers
  • 3 Die Cutters
  • 1 Automatan Labeler
  • 1 Jumbo Flexo


Collectively, our management team has more than 80 years of experience at Southern Carton.  The combined knowledge and expertise of these five make us an industry leader in service and customer satisfaction. Their continued loyalty, commitment and dedication personify the values of your entire Southern Carton team.


packaging manufacturing

Meet the dynamic duo!

Our talented and experienced 2-person design team specializes in developing custom packaging to maximize your product’s protection and performance throughout all stages of the supply chain.

  • Over 25 years of design experience in the industry
  • Artios CAD software with 3-D capability. We consistently see a 75% reduction in time due to Artios CAD software.
  • ZUND G3 cutting table
  • Quick turnaround for samples
  • Adobe Graphics software

Assembly & Fulfillment

assembling boxes

We handle with care.

Southern Carton is committed to providing custom solutions to your packaging problems, even if that means packaging your products ourselves. In this day of growing need to simplify the supply chain process, we offer the option of fulfilling your orders in our facility, saving you time and money. Our large, organized production facility gives us the ability to manufacture, assemble, pack and fulfill your order all under one roof. From manufacturing to shipping, take the worry of looming deadlines and improper handling out of your hands and let Southern Carton be your one-stop-shop for all of your order needs.